On Saturday the 14th of May 2005 we held an:

Image containing the text Open day and coffee morning

The purpose of the open day was to show the activities of our eccleisa to the community in Muirhead. We inivited people to:

Open day invite

We also offered free coffee and cake to any visitors.

We advertised the open day in the local press and with posters attached to lamp posts:

Poster advertising the open day attached to a lamp post.

Muirhead hall:

Muirhead hall

Inside the entrance way of the hall:

A photograph showing the entrance to the main hall in Muirhead comminity centre.

We had a number of posters that provided information about the history of the Christadelphians:

The first few display boards of the open day

A picture showing the various display panels which gave information about the history of Christadelphians.

We had three power point presentations on:

You can download a copy of these presentations.

One of the power point presentations

Nebuchadnezzar's image and accompanying power point presentation.

Other posters gave specific information about the Glasgow Kelvin ecclesia.

Posters giving information about what happens on a Sunday.

A picture showing posters at the open day.

Finally there were some posters which gave information about the overseas preaching and charity work that Christadelphians do.

Map of the world showing where Christadelphians have preached

A poster describing the work of the Christadelphian meal a day fund.

If you would like any information on other Bible-based activities in the Glasgow area, please email us on events@glasgowkelvin.org.uk