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The table below shows a summary of the readings allocated to each day within each of the six Steps involved in the 52 week plan. The key to the abbreviated books of the Bible used in the table is in the left margin of the page.

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Step Week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 1 Ps 19 Gen 1 Lk 2 1 Cor 13 Mk 4 Eccl 3 2 Tim 3
22Gen 2Gen 3Gen 4Gen 5Gen 6Gen 7Gen 8
3Matt 1Matt 2Matt 3Matt 4Matt 5Matt 6Matt 7
34Gen 11Gen 12Gen 13Gen 14Gen 15Gen 17Gen 19
5Matt 8Matt 9Matt 10Matt 11Matt 12Matt 13Matt 14
6Gen 22Gen 26Gen 27Gen 28Gen 29Gen 30Gen 31
47Matt 15Matt 16Matt 17Matt 18Matt 19Matt 20Matt 21
8Gen 32Gen 33Gen 37Gen 39Gen 40Gen 41Gen 42
9Matt 22Matt 23Matt 24Matt 25Matt 26Matt 27Matt 28
10Gen 43Gen 44Gen 45Gen 46Gen 47Gen 49Gen 50
511Mk 1Mk 2Mk 3Mk 6 Mk 7Mk 8Mk 9
12Ex 1Ex 2Ex 3Ex 4Ex 5Ex 6Ex 7
13Mk 10Mk 11Mk 12Mk 13Mk 14Mk 15Mk 16
14Ex 8Ex 9Ex 10Ex 11Ex 12Ex 13Ex 14
15Lk 1Lk 2Lk 4Lk 5Lk 7Lk 9Lk 10
16Ex 16Ex 17Ex 19Ex 20Ex 24Ex 25Ex 32
17Lk 11Lk 12Lk 13Lk 14Lk 15Lk 16Lk 17
18Lev 8Lev 10Lev 16Lev 17Lev 23Lev 25Lev 26
19Lk 18Lk 19Lk 20Lk 21Lk 22Lk 23Lk 24
20Num 14Num 17Num 20Num 21Num 22Num 23Num 24
21Jn 1Jn 3Jn 4Jn 10Jn 11Jn 15Jn 17
22Deut 1Deut 2Deut 3Deut 6Deut 8Deut 18Deut 28
23Acts 1Acts 2Acts 3Acts 4Acts 5Acts 6Acts 7
24Josh 1Josh 2Josh 3Josh 4Josh 6Josh 20Josh 24
25Acts 8Acts 9Acts 10Acts 11Acts 12Acts 13Acts 14
26Judg 4Judg 7Judg 14Ruth 1Ruth 2Ruth 3Ruth 4
627Acts 15Acts 16Acts 17Acts 18Acts 19Acts 20Acts 21
281Sam 11Sam 21Sam 31Sam 81Sam 91Sam 101Sam 15
29Acts 22Acts 23Acts 24Acts 25Acts 26Acts 27Acts 28
301Sam 161Sam 172 Sam 12 Sam 22 Sam 52 Sam 72 Sam 24
31Rom 5Rom 6Rom 8Rom 9Rom 10Rom 12Rom 13
321 Kin 31 Kin 51 Kin 121 Kin 171 Kin 182 Kin 52 Chron 36
331 Cor 11 Cor 21 Cor 31 Cor 101 Cor 111 Cor 131 Cor 15
34Ps 1Ps 2Ps 6Ps 16Ps 19Ps 22Ps 23
352 Cor 11Gal 1Gal 2Gal 3Gal 4Gal 5Gal 6
36Ps 32Ps 37Ps 45Ps 46Ps 48Ps 49Ps 51
37Eph 4Eph 5Eph 6Phlp 1Phlp 2Phlp 3Phlp 4
38Ps 67Ps 72Ps 88Ps 90Ps 91Ps 95Ps 96
391 Thes 11 Thes 21 Thes 31 Thes 41 Thes 52 Thes 12 Thes 2
40Ps 103Ps 104Ps 110Ps 122Ps 146Ps 149Ps 150
411 Tim 11 Tim 21 Tim 62 Tim 12 Tim 22 Tim 32 Tim 4
42Is 1Is 2Is 9Is 11Is 25Is 26Is 32
43Heb 1Heb 2Heb 3Heb 4Heb 5Heb 10Heb 11
44Is 40Is 42Is 52Is 53Is 55Is 60Is 61
45Heb 12Heb 13Jam 1Jam 2Jam 3Jam 4Jam 5
46Jer 1Jer 17Jer 30Jer 31Jer 33Jer 36Jer 38
471 Pt 11 Pt 21 Pt 31 Pt 52 Pt 12 Pt 22 Pt 3
48Ez 2Ez 3Ez 18Ez 36Ez 37Ez 38Ez 39
491 Jn 11 Jn 21 Jn 31 Jn 42 Jn3 JnJude
50Dan 2Dan 3Dan 5Dan 6Dan 7Dan 9Dan 12
51Hos 13Joel 3Mic 5Zech 8Zech 12Mal 3Mal 4
52Rev 1Rev 2Rev 3Rev 5Rev 19Rev 21Rev 22
7 Send for Step 7 - the Bible Reading Companion
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Table adapted from the Bible Reading Planner - a Christadelphian ALS publication